Smart Fluid - innovative liquids thickened with shear


Smart Fluid and sports

Reduction of blunt trauma

Less injuries


Protective clothing used by sports players is obviously intended to increase the safety of people engaging in a given activity. The fact that sports have bene practiced in an ever increasingly professional manner over the past decades, has also contributed to the introduction of more restrictive requirements concerning protective equipment. According to regulations introduced by numerous sports federations, different types of pads or guards have become obligatory for those practicing sports involving an increased level of bodily injury. Amateurs are not required to wear protectors, but being aware of the dangers involved, they also commonly use equipment that increases the level of their safety. A particular emphasis is placed on protecting the health of the youngest sports enthusiasts. Smart Fluids and Gels offer a high degree of protection combined with superb user comfort, and successfully compete with other commercial solutions.



Below is a list of some sports disciplines in which the use of protective equipment is either obligatory or commonplace:

  • soccer - application of Smart Fluids and Gels: shin guards
  • American football / rugby – application of Smart Fluids and Gels: special padding within the outfit, protectors worn on shoulders, hips, thighs, back, knees, elbows, groins (the so-called jockstrap with a special insert)
  • baseball and cricket - application of Smart Fluids and Gels: shin guards, chest guards, abdomen guards, arm and elbow guards, etc.
  • hockey – application of Smart Fluids and Gels: shin guards, shoulder pads, elbow pads, protective equipment for goalkeepers (trousers, chest protector, leg protectors)
  • field hockey / lacrosse - shin guards, elbow pads and chest protectors (for goalkeepers)
  • horse riding - application of Smart Fluids and Gels: torso protection vests, saddle pads, boot inserts, etc.
  • martial arts - application of Smart Fluids and Gels: torso protectors, shin guards, jockstraps, knee guards, elbow guards
  • skiing and snowboarding - application of Smart Fluids and Gels: protection for the legs, chest, hips
  • roller-skating - application of Smart Fluids and Gels: elbow pads, knee pads, wrists pads
  • mountain biking, BMX - application of Smart Fluids and Gels: elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads

Innovative shear thickening fluids

Our Smart Fluids & Gels are non-Newtonian fluids which, when exposed to a sufficiently high shear rate, e.g. during impact, harden in the matter of milliseconds and start behaving like solids, dissipating energy. Thanks to such tailored properties.

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