Smart Fluid - innovative liquids thickened with shear


Smart Fluid in ballistics

Reduction in Back Face Deformation

Low Density

Cost Reduction


The Smart Ceramic Gel (SCG) can be applied thin layers on ballistic material reducing Back Face Deformation, increase flexibility of the vest and a cost reduction.

Typically, ballistic protection in bullet resistant vests is provided by up to several dozen layers of synthetic fabric, such as aramids or UHMWPE. The higher the number of layers, the better protection level. However, synthetic fibers or materials are not capable of offering sufficient protection against rifle bullets. Therefore, more advanced vests use additional ceramic or steel plates to improve their bullet resistance properties (which translated, however, into a considerable increase in the weight of the vest and reduces the comfort of use).


When an insert with a Smart Ceramic Gel (SCG) is used, the number of synthetic layers may be reduced, with the overall level of protection maintained. Thus, wearer comfort increases significantly. Although commercially available vests are capable of effectively stopping projectiles, the kinetic energy generated by bullets and the impact still remains a serious problem. The ability of Smart Ceramic Gel (SCG) to dissipate energy means that the force of the projectile is spread over a larger surface and is dispersed. This is extremely important for users, as their internal organs are better protected against damage.

Innovative shear thickening fluids

Our Smart Fluids & Gels are non-Newtonian fluids which, when exposed to a sufficiently high shear rate, e.g. during impact, harden in the matter of milliseconds and start behaving like solids, dissipating energy. Thanks to such tailored properties.

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