Smart Fluid - innovative liquids thickened with shear


Smart Fluid in the automotive industry

Additional protection

Reduction of injuries


Smart Fluids and Gels may be potentially used in car bumpers, shock absorbers, as a material reinforcing other structural vehicle elements, or in accessories for motorcyclists (helmets, motorcycle jackets). Riding a motorbike is an activity in which protective clothing is of key importance for protecting the health or even the life of rider. Specialized biking clothes are intended to minimize the aftermath of potential incidents, as riders’ bodies may be easily damaged due to exposure to considerable forces generated during road accidents.


Innovative shear thickening fluids

Our Smart Fluids & Gels are non-Newtonian fluids which, when exposed to a sufficiently high shear rate, e.g. during impact, harden in the matter of milliseconds and start behaving like solids, dissipating energy. Thanks to such tailored properties.

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